Angel Radio Launches Time Shifted DAB Service



angel radio launches time shifted dab service

Angel Radio Launches Time Shifted DAB Service

Angel Radio, a broadcasting platform that caters specifically to older individuals, has recently unveiled a groundbreaking addition to their services – a time-shifted version of their radio output on DAB in Portsmouth.

This innovative offering, dubbed Angel Radio +1, represents a significant milestone in the UK’s radio industry as it marks the first-ever time-shifted terrestrial radio service in the country.

Angel Radio +1 enables listeners to catch up on their favorite shows or relish their most beloved songs at a more convenient time. With the support of Dean Kavanagh from Radiofinity, this pioneering launch exemplifies Angel Radio’s commitment to delivering exceptional programming tailored to the needs and desires of its dedicated audience.


Angel Radio launches time-shifted DAB service

Angel Radio, a renowned radio station catering to the older generation, has taken a remarkable step in enhancing their listeners’ experience by launching a time-shifted version of their output on Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) in Portsmouth.

With the introduction of this innovative service, Angel Radio becomes the pioneering terrestrial radio service to offer a time-shifted platform in the UK. Known as Angel Radio +1, this breakthrough service enables listeners to catch their favorite shows in case they missed them or indulge in their favorite songs once again.

The successful launch of Angel Radio +1 has been made possible through a partnership with Radiofinity, with the invaluable contribution of Dean Kavanagh.

Overview of Angel Radio

Background of Angel Radio

Set up in 1999, Angel Radio has emerged as a prominent player in the broadcasting industry, with a dedicated focus on creating exceptional radio content for the older generation. Angel Radio has consistently aimed to entertain, inform, and engage older listeners through carefully curated shows that cater to their unique preferences and interests. Over the years, Angel Radio has garnered a loyal following and established a reputable presence among the target audience.

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Angel Radio’s target audience

Angel Radio’s primary target audience consists of older people, providing them with radio content that aligns with their nostalgia, memories, and musical tastes. Recognizing the importance of catering to this demographic, Angel Radio understands the significance of creating programs that resonate with the experiences, interests, and preferences of older listeners.

Angel Radio’s focus on older people

Angel Radio has distinguished itself by exclusively focusing on the needs and interests of older people. By offering a diverse range of shows, including those dedicated to music from the 1920s to the 1960s, classic comedy, drama, and interviews, Angel Radio has positioned itself as a trusted source of entertainment for the older generation.

Time-Shifted Radio Service

Definition of time-shifted radio

Time-shifted radio refers to a revolutionary broadcasting concept that allows listeners to access their favorite radio shows and songs at their convenience. Unlike traditional radio broadcasts, which follow a fixed schedule, time-shifted radio provides listeners with the flexibility to choose when and where they want to listen.

Benefits of time-shifted radio

Time-shifted radio presents an array of benefits for both radio stations and listeners. For listeners, this service eliminates the fear of missing out on their preferred shows, as they can catch up with them at a later time.

Additionally, time-shifted radio offers the convenience of revisiting beloved songs, enabling listeners to relish their favorite tracks whenever they desire. It also empowers listeners, providing them with greater control over their listening experience by allowing them to pause, rewind, and skip content.

Angel Radio +1: The first time-shifted terrestrial radio service in the UK

Angel Radio has made history with the launch of Angel Radio +1, making it the first-ever terrestrial radio service in the UK to provide a time-shifted platform. This groundbreaking accomplishment demonstrates Angel Radio’s commitment to innovation and their dedication to ensuring an enriched experience for their valued listeners.

Features of Angel Radio +1

Allows listeners to catch their favorite show

Angel Radio +1 grants listeners the opportunity to catch up on their favorite shows even if they were unable to tune in at the designated time. This remarkable feature ensures that listeners do not miss out on any content they love, fostering a greater connection between Angel Radio and their loyal audience.

Enables listeners to listen again to favorite songs

Another remarkable feature of Angel Radio +1 is the ability for listeners to revisit their favorite songs. Whether it’s a beloved track from the decades gone by or a recently discovered gem, listeners can relive their musical favorites, rekindling memories and joy.

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Flexibility in accessing content

Angel Radio +1 offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to accessing content. With the advancement of technology, listeners can listen to Angel Radio’s time-shifted programs on their smartphones, tablets, or computers. This versatility allows older listeners to stay connected to their favorite shows and songs regardless of their location.

Collaboration with Radiofinity

Role of Dean Kavanagh in the launch

Dean Kavanagh, an esteemed individual in the radio industry, played a pivotal role in the successful launch of Angel Radio +1. With his extensive experience and expertise, Kavanagh provided crucial guidance and support, ensuring the smooth implementation of this innovative venture.

Assistance provided by Radiofinity

Radiofinity, a trusted partner in the radio broadcasting realm, offered invaluable assistance to Angel Radio during the launch of Angel Radio +1. Their expertise and technical support played a significant role in creating a seamless transition from traditional broadcast to time-shifted radio.

Partnership between Angel Radio and Radiofinity

The partnership between Angel Radio and Radiofinity highlights the shared commitment to pushing boundaries in radio broadcasting. By joining forces, Angel Radio and Radiofinity have paved the way for the implementation of groundbreaking technology and have opened up new possibilities for the future.

The Impact of Angel Radio +1

Enhanced accessibility for Angel Radio listeners

Angel Radio +1 has revolutionized the accessibility of Angel Radio’s content. By providing a time-shifted platform, Angel Radio +1 allows listeners to engage with their favorite shows and songs whenever suits them best. This accessibility ensures that Angel Radio remains an integral part of listeners’ lives, even during periods of conflicting schedules or personal commitments.

Increased engagement with Angel Radio content

The introduction of Angel Radio +1 has resulted in heightened engagement levels among Angel Radio’s audience. The ability to catch up on missed shows and relisten to beloved songs has fostered a stronger connection between listeners and the radio station. This increased engagement serves as a testament to the success of Angel Radio +1 and its role in enhancing the overall listener experience.

Widening the reach of Angel Radio

Angel Radio +1 has played a significant role in expanding the reach of Angel Radio’s content. By providing a time-shifted platform, the radio station has reached a broader audience who may have previously been unable to consume the content due to scheduling conflicts or other limitations.

This expansion allows Angel Radio to share its curated programs and nostalgic content with an even more extensive demographic, enriching the lives of older listeners across the UK.

Listener’s Feedback

Positive response from listeners

The launch of Angel Radio +1 has garnered a positive response from listeners. Enthusiastic feedback and expressions of gratitude have poured in from older listeners who have embraced the convenience and flexibility offered by the time-shifted service. The overwhelming support and appreciation from the audience demonstrate the profound impact Angel Radio +1 has had on their daily lives.

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Testimonials and reviews

Listeners have provided heartfelt testimonials expressing appreciation for Angel Radio +1. They have lauded the service for enabling them to stay connected to their favorite shows and songs, highlighting the fond memories it resurrects.

The testimonials serve as a reflection of the immense value Angel Radio +1 brings to the lives of older listeners, as they can enjoy a curated selection of radio content tailored to their unique preferences.

Impact on listener satisfaction

The introduction of Angel Radio +1 has significantly enhanced listener satisfaction. By addressing the needs of older listeners and providing them with a convenient and personalized listening experience, Angel Radio has solidified its position as a resident source of comfort, entertainment, and nostalgia.

The positive impact on listener satisfaction reinforces Angel Radio’s commitment to continually evolve and serve its cherished audience.

Future Innovations in Time-Shifted Radio

Potential for growth in time-shifted radio services

The launch of Angel Radio +1 has opened the doors to a new wave of innovation in time-shifted radio services. As technology continues to advance, there is great potential for the growth and development of similar services both within the UK and internationally. The success of Angel Radio +1 serves as a testament to the appetite for time-shifted radio among listeners and points towards a promising future in this field.

Technological advancements in radio broadcasting

With rapid advancements in technology, radio broadcasting is continuously evolving. The introduction of time-shifted radio is a clear example of how innovation is reshaping the industry. Technological advancements, such as improved streaming capabilities, enhanced data storage, and user-friendly interfaces, are facilitating the growth of time-shifted radio services and revolutionizing the way listeners interact with radio content.

Implications for the future of radio

The launch of Angel Radio +1 heralds a new era for radio, redefining conventional broadcasting practices. This shift towards time-shifted radio not only meets the changing needs of listeners but also challenges the radio industry as a whole to adapt and embrace innovation.

The success of Angel Radio +1 undoubtedly raises important questions about the future of radio and the role of technology in enabling personalized and convenient listening experiences.


Success of Angel Radio +1

The launch of Angel Radio +1 marks a pivotal moment in Angel Radio’s history. As the first terrestrial radio service in the UK to introduce a time-shifted platform, Angel Radio has set a new standard for innovation and relevance in the industry. The overwhelmingly positive response from listeners, along with the enhanced accessibility and engagement, is a testament to the success of Angel Radio +1.

Advantages of time-shifted radio

This groundbreaking service brings numerous advantages to both listeners and radio stations. Time-shifted radio allows listeners to overcome the constraints of fixed schedules, ensuring they never miss their favorite shows or songs. Radio stations, including Angel Radio, benefit from heightened engagement, increased reach, and the ability to cater to a wider and more diverse audience.

Continued commitment to serving older audiences

Through the launch of Angel Radio +1, Angel Radio has solidified its commitment to serving older audiences and catering to their unique preferences and needs. By providing a time-shifted platform, Angel Radio has demonstrated its dedication to enhancing the listening experience of older people, ensuring their continued enjoyment and connection with the content that resonates with them.

As Angel Radio looks toward the future, the station remains committed to evolving and embracing innovative technologies to meet the ever-changing demands and expectations of its valued listeners.

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