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wave 105 taken over by greatest hits radio


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Wave 105 Taken Over by Greatest Hits Radio

Wave 105, a popular radio station on the South Coast, is causing mixed reactions as it undergoes a takeover by Greatest Hits Radio.

While some listeners express disappointment over the loss of local presenters and the change in music selection, others embrace the shift to older music and express excitement for the new lineup.

Bauer Media Audio UK, the owner of Greatest Hits Radio, assures that the station will continue to provide local news and maintain its commitment to community fundraising. Listeners who prefer contemporary music will have the option to tune into Hits Radio South Coast. Overall, the changes aim to build upon Wave 105’s success and transform it into a nationally recognized brand.


Radio station Wave 105, a popular station on the South Coast, is set to undergo a significant transformation as it is taken over by Greatest Hits Radio.

This move has received a lukewarm reception from some of Wave 105’s listeners who have expressed concerns about the loss of local presenters and changes to the station’s music and programming. In this article, we will delve into the background of Wave 105, the announcement of the takeover, the reaction from listeners, concerns about the loss of local presenters, changes to music and programming, the impact on employees, and the statement from Bauer Media Audio UK.

We will also explore how this takeover can build upon Wave 105’s reputation.

Background of Wave 105

Wave 105 was established as a radio station that offered a variety of music genres, catering to a wide range of listeners on the South Coast. It quickly gained popularity and became a beloved station for its diverse playlist and presence of local presenters. With shows that entertained and engaged the community, Wave 105 became an integral part of the local radio landscape.

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Announcement of Takeover

Bauer Media Audio UK, the owner of Greatest Hits Radio, made an official announcement regarding the takeover of Wave 105. The details of the takeover process were shared, including the transition of programming and the inclusion of renowned presenters from the national station. The reasons behind this takeover were also explained, with the aim of transforming Wave 105 into a nationally recognized brand.

Reaction from Listeners

The announcement of the takeover received mixed reactions from the listeners of Wave 105. Many took to social media to express their disappointment at the potential loss of local presenters and the change in music to be played.

Some listeners described this change as “like losing a good friend,” emphasizing the connection they felt with the station and its presenters. However, there were also listeners who welcomed the change, expressing their preference for older music and their excitement for the inclusion of presenters from Greatest Hits Radio.

Concerns about Loss of Local Presenters

The loss of local presenters on Wave 105 has raised concerns among listeners. Local presenters played a significant role in creating a connection and fostering engagement with the community. Listeners expressed their worries about the impact this change would have on their connection to the station and the loss of unique program content that highlighted the local community.

Changes to Music and Programming

With the takeover by Greatest Hits Radio, Wave 105 will shift to the Greatest Hits Radio brand and feature a playlist primarily consisting of music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This change means that music from the after 90s era will no longer be played on the station.

Additionally, the introduction of renowned presenters such as Simon Mayo and Jackie Brambles will further alter the programming on Wave 105. These changes will have an impact on the current shows and programming that listeners are familiar with.

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Local News and Commercial Opportunities

Despite the takeover, Wave 105 will continue to provide local news, including traffic and travel updates, to the South Coast community. Additionally, commercial opportunities for local partners will still be available, helping to support local businesses.

The station’s commitment to fundraising for disadvantaged young people through its Cash for Kids charity will also remain intact, showcasing its dedication to supporting the community.

Impact on Employees

The takeover of Wave 105 by Greatest Hits Radio may result in potential job cuts and freelance contract reviews. Bauer Media Audio UK, in a statement, acknowledged this and expressed its commitment to supporting all affected employees throughout this period. This acknowledgment provides reassurance to employees and demonstrates a level of support from the company.

Statement from Bauer Media Audio UK

In a statement, Bauer Media Audio UK highlighted the changes that Wave 105 will undergo and emphasized its commitment to building upon the station’s excellent reputation. The statement recognized Wave 105’s status as a well-loved and recognized station on the South Coast. It also outlined the plans to transform Wave 105 into a nationally recognized brand, while still offering local news and information that is important to audiences.

Build Upon Wave 105’s Reputation

Gary Stein, the group program director for the Hits Radio Portfolio, expressed his perspective on the changes and the opportunity for growth with a nationally recognized brand. He emphasized the importance of local news and information in maintaining the connection with listeners. Stein also assured listeners that the new-look schedule and playlist would cater to their preferences and ensure a positive listening experience.

In conclusion, the takeover of Wave 105 by Greatest Hits Radio has sparked mixed reactions from listeners. While concerns about the loss of local presenters and changes to the station’s music and programming have been expressed, Bauer Media Audio UK has assured listeners of its commitment to supporting employees and building upon Wave 105’s reputation.

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The transformation of Wave 105 into a nationally recognized brand presents an opportunity for growth while still providing local news and engaging with the community.

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