Workshop Radio New Bristol Based Community Radio Station



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Workshop Radio New Bristol Based Community Radio Station

A new community radio station called Workshop Radio is set to launch in Bristol, inviting artists from the area to get involved. The station is currently searching for DJs, producers, and hosts of all levels to apply for shows and residencies.

While all shows will initially be broadcast live, there are plans to make pre-recorded shows available in the future. The exact location of the studio has not been disclosed yet. The station has already created a Mixcloud page and social media accounts, giving a sneak peek of its launch through video snippets.

The first broadcast is scheduled for January 13, coinciding with a launch party featuring various DJs from the Bristol area. Workshop Radio is led by a duo with experience in the club scene and aims to showcase the talent within the Bristol dance music scene.

Workshop Radio New Bristol Based Community Radio Station

Workshop Radio is an exciting new community radio station that is set to launch in Bristol. This brand-new station is on a mission to bring together artists from across the city and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents. With a focus on live and pre-recorded shows, Workshop Radio is sure to become a hub for creativity and entertainment within the local community.

The Search for Artists

Workshop Radio is currently on the search for artists who are interested in getting involved with the station. Whether you’re a DJ, producer, or radio host, Workshop Radio wants to hear from you. No experience is required, and artists of all levels are welcome to apply.

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The station is particularly interested in receiving sample shows and genres of interest from potential artists, as well as any prior experience in radio. This is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring artists to gain exposure and showcase their skills to a wider audience.

Live and Pre-Recorded Shows

All shows on Workshop Radio will initially take place live and in person. This provides artists with the chance to connect with their audience and create a unique and engaging experience. However, the station has plans to make pre-recorded shows available in the future, allowing artists more flexibility in their scheduling and opening up opportunities for artists who may not be able to perform live.

Both live and pre-recorded shows will be an integral part of Workshop Radio’s programming, ensuring a dynamic and diverse range of content.

Studio Location

The location of Workshop Radio’s studio has yet to be revealed, but it is said to be based somewhere in the Bishopston area, north of Bristol. This central location is ideal for attracting a wide range of artists from across the city. Workshop Radio aims to be accessible and convenient for all its artists, ensuring that they can easily commute to the studio and be part of the vibrant Bristol music scene.

Workshop Radio’s Social Media Presence

Workshop Radio understands the importance of social media in today’s digital age. The station has already started teasing its launch on various social media platforms, generating excitement and anticipation among the community. By sharing video snippets and captions such as “Coming soon,” Workshop Radio is building a following and creating buzz around its launch.

Teasing the Launch

In December, Workshop Radio began teasing its launch by posting video snippets on its social media accounts. These snippets provide a sneak peek into the station’s concept and give artists and listeners a taste of what they can expect. The teasers have been met with enthusiasm and curiosity, generating interest from both established and emerging artists in the Bristol music scene.

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Call for Artists

Alongside the teasers, Workshop Radio has issued a call for artists to get involved with the station. Through its social media platforms, the station has invited Bristol-based artists to share their show concepts and apply for a slot on Workshop Radio.

The inclusivity of this call for artists is evident in Workshop Radio’s statement that no experience is required. The station welcomes artists of all ability levels and is committed to providing support and guidance to those with less experience.

Launch Party

To celebrate its launch, Workshop Radio will be throwing a launch party.

The party will coincide with the first broadcast from the station and will be a chance for artists, listeners, and members of the Bristol community to come together and celebrate this exciting new addition to the city’s music scene. The launch party will feature a lineup of talented DJs from across Bristol, including Øphanim, Longeez, DJ Ammi, Joe Koshin, and more. This RSVP-only event promises to be a night of music, dancing, and celebration.

Workshop Radio New Bristol Based Community Radio Station

Workshop Radio Line-Up

Workshop Radio has carefully curated a diverse lineup of talented hosts from the Bristol dance music scene. These hosts will bring their unique styles and tastes to the station, ensuring a varied and engaging schedule of shows. From established DJs to emerging producers, Workshop Radio’s lineup represents the vibrant and ever-evolving music scene in Bristol. Listeners can expect a wide range of genres and styles, catering to different musical preferences and moods.

Workshop Radio Founders

The brains behind Workshop Radio are a duo based in Bristol who have extensive experience in the city’s club scene.

These founders have a deep passion for music and a strong commitment to promoting local talent. With backgrounds in community radio stations and immersive installation events, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Workshop Radio. Their dedication to creating a supportive and inclusive platform for artists is evident in the station’s ethos and goals.

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Workshop Radio New Bristol Based Community Radio Station

Workshop Radio Website

To complement its social media presence, Workshop Radio has also launched a website. This website serves as a central hub for information about the station, its hosts, and its upcoming shows. It provides a platform for artists to showcase their work and connect with listeners.

The website also features an events calendar, allowing users to stay up to date with Workshop Radio’s schedule and plan their listening accordingly. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, the Workshop Radio website ensures that both artists and listeners can easily engage with the station.


Workshop Radio is an exciting new addition to the Bristol music scene. With its focus on community, diversity, and talent, the station is set to become a hub for artists and listeners alike. By providing a platform for artists to share their music and ideas, Workshop Radio is fostering creativity and collaboration within the local community.

Whether you’re an established DJ or a budding radio host, Workshop Radio offers a welcoming and inclusive space for all. Keep an eye out for their launch and get ready to tune in to Bristol’s newest community radio station.

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