Survey Reveals Radio Listeners Drop by 40%



survey reveals radio listeners drop by 40 4

Survey Reveals Radio Listeners Drop by 40%

A recent survey conducted by the National Communications Commission (NCC) revealed that radio listeners in Taiwan have dropped by 40% over the span of nine years. The study, conducted every three years, showed that approximately 60% of people in Taiwan have not listened to radio broadcasts in the last six months, with only 38% of respondents having listened to the radio during that timeframe.

While the decline in radio listenership can be attributed to the convenience of smartphones and internet usage, experts emphasize the irreplaceable nature of radio, particularly in times of war or disaster.

Furthermore, the study showed that vehicle radios are the most common equipment for listening to the medium, with many people choosing to listen to radio programs while driving. Overall, although the number of radio listeners is decreasing, there are still loyal listeners who continue to tune in daily.

Survey Reveals Radio Listeners Drop by 40%

Survey Reveals Radio Listeners Drop by 40%

The trend of decreasing radio listenership is becoming increasingly evident, as shown by the results of a recent National Communications Commission (NCC) study. The study reveals that the number of radio listeners has dropped by 40% in the past nine years. This decline in radio listenership raises concerns about the future of radio as a medium of communication and entertainment.

Results of NCC Study

The NCC study, which is conducted every three years, provides valuable insights into the state of radio listenership in Taiwan. The study found that approximately 60% of people in Taiwan have not listened to radio broadcasts in the past six months. Moreover, only 38% of the respondents reported listening to radio in the previous six months. These figures indicate a significant decrease in radio listenership compared to previous years.

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Reasons for Listening to Radio

Despite the declining number of radio listeners, there are still individuals who find value in the medium. The most common reason for listening to radio is boredom or for killing time, accounting for 33.5% of respondents. Another common reason is the enjoyment of being accompanied by sound, which accounted for 24.3% of respondents.

Other reasons include the ability to sing along or listen to songs, listening to traffic reports, and keeping up with breaking news.

Impact of Technology on Radio

One of the main factors contributing to the decrease in radio listenership is the rapid advancement of technology. The increased usage of smartphones and tablet PCs has led to a decrease in the use of radio sets. The NCC study found that approximately 66.5% of people use a vehicle radio to listen to radio broadcasts, while only 26.9% use a radio set.

On the other hand, approximately 18.9% of people use a smartphone or tablet PC to listen to radio.

Survey Reveals Radio Listeners Drop by 40%

Number of Radio Stations

Despite the decreasing number of radio listeners, there is still a significant number of radio stations in Taiwan. The NCC study identified 186 radio stations with valid licenses. Out of these, 86 are short-to-medium wave stations, and 69 are medium-wave stations. The existence of a substantial number of radio stations indicates that radio broadcasting continues to be a significant industry in Taiwan.

Benefits of Radio Broadcasting

Radio broadcasting offers several unique benefits that make it an irreplaceable medium of communication. First and foremost, radio transmission is extremely convenient. Unlike other forms of media that require an internet connection, radio can be accessed anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection. This makes radio particularly valuable in situations of war or disaster when other forms of communication may be compromised.

Academics’ Perspectives on Radio

Academics recognize the importance of radio broadcasting in various contexts. For instance, radio plays a critical role in disaster prevention and relief efforts. Its ability to transmit information quickly and efficiently makes it an indispensable medium during times of crisis.

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Additionally, radio provides a sense of companionship, allowing listeners to engage in other activities while still staying connected to the outside world.

Transformation to ‘Listen on Demand’

Given the changing landscape of media consumption, radio stations are faced with the challenge of adapting to new trends. One potential solution is the transformation to ‘listen on demand’ platforms.

This would involve making radio content available for streaming, allowing listeners to access their favorite shows and broadcasts at their convenience. Such a transformation would require radio stations to diversify their profit model, potentially exploring advertising partnerships and subscription-based services.

Challenges for Radio Stations

Radio stations face several challenges in the current media landscape. The decreasing number of radio listeners necessitates a reevaluation of programming and content to attract new audiences. Additionally, the rise of streaming services and online platforms poses competition to traditional radio stations.

To remain relevant, radio stations must find innovative ways to engage listeners and adapt to changing technology and media consumption habits.


Despite the decrease in radio listenership, radio broadcasting remains an irreplaceable medium in many aspects. Its unique benefits, such as convenience and reliability, make it a valuable form of communication. However, to thrive in the digital age, radio stations must adapt and innovate.

The transformation to ‘listen on demand’ platforms and diversification of profit models are essential steps for radio stations to continue providing quality content to their listeners. With adaptation and innovation, radio broadcasting can overcome the challenges it faces and remain a relevant and beloved medium in the future.

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