Neil Diamond Reissues 1976 Sydney Concert



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Neil Diamond Reissues 1976 Sydney Concert

Mercury Studios has announced the reissue of Neil Diamond’s historic 1976 Sydney concert, titled “The Thank You Australia Concert Live 1976.”

This DVD captures the explosive performance that mesmerized an entire nation, breaking audience records and serving as a testament to Diamond’s enduring talent. With almost three hours of high-quality entertainment, this collector’s item features additional content such as Diamond’s first full-length television interview and previously unseen photos.

The concert marked Diamond’s return to the stage after four years of artistic growth, during which he produced Grammy-winning albums and became an international legend. Nostalgic fans and music enthusiasts alike will appreciate the opportunity to relive this unforgettable concert experience.

Neil Diamond Reissues 1976 Sydney Concert


In March 1976, Neil Diamond delivered an explosive performance at the Sydney Sports Stadium that captivated an entire nation. The concert, held as a thank you to Australia for their incredible support, was watched by hundreds of thousands of people and broke audience records.

Now, almost half a century later, Mercury Studios is reissuing the historic DVD of this legendary concert, titled “The Thank You Australia Concert Live 1976.” With three hours of high-quality entertainment, this reissue celebrates one of music’s most original and enduring stars.

Background of the Concert

The historic concert took place in Sydney in March 1976 at the Sydney Sports Stadium.

This particular show was of great importance, as it marked the end of Diamond’s tour of Australia and New Zealand. It was a monumental event for the artist, as it marked his return to the stage after a four-year break from performing. The concert was met with overwhelming support from the audience and garnered record-breaking viewing figures across 37 affiliated stations throughout Australia.

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Neil Diamond Reissues 1976 Sydney Concert

DVD Reissue by Mercury Studios

Mercury Studios recently announced the reissue of the DVD capturing Neil Diamond’s 1976 Sydney concert. The decision to reissue this concert was driven by the enduring popularity and significance of the performance. With advancements in technology, Mercury Studios has enhanced the quality of the original footage for an even more immersive viewing experience. The reissued DVD edition will be a valuable addition to any music fan’s collection.

Content of the Reissue

“The Thank You Australia Concert Live 1976” DVD showcases the full duration of the concert, spanning almost three hours of high-quality entertainment. From start to finish, viewers will be captivated by the impressive repertoire of hit singles and musical gems performed by Neil Diamond. This concert is filled with unforgettable moments, capturing the essence of Diamond as a cultural icon.

The reissue also includes additional content, such as Neil Diamond’s first full-length television interview, remarkable sponsor announcements performed live on stage by Diamond himself, David Frost’s original pre-concert television report for Channel 9, and a gallery of previously unseen photos.

Neil Diamond Reissues 1976 Sydney Concert

The Last Show of Diamond’s Tour

Neil Diamond’s tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1976 was a resounding success. It marked a triumphant return to the stage for Diamond, following a four-year hiatus from performing. The Sydney show, being the last of the tour, held particular significance for both Diamond and his fans.

It served as a grand finale to a successful tour and solidified Diamond’s standing as a legendary performer.

Neil Diamond’s Achievements

Neil Diamond’s career spans over five decades, during which he has achieved international stardom and numerous career highlights. He is a true icon in the music industry, having performed and sold out stadiums and arenas worldwide.

Diamond’s chart dominance is unparalleled, as he has consistently topped the pop charts throughout his career. With over 130 million albums sold worldwide, Diamond’s record sales figures attest to his enduring popularity.

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Moreover, his influence on other artists is evident, with his songs being covered by a wide range of musicians, including Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley, UB40, Urge Overkill, Smash Mouth, and Frank Sinatra.

The Broadway Musical

In addition to his musical achievements, Neil Diamond’s legacy extends to Broadway. “A Beautiful Noise,” the biographical musical featuring Diamond’s greatest hits, has been captivating audiences with its blend of storytelling and memorable music.

Based on a book by the acclaimed playwright Anthony McCarten, the musical has been running for over a year and continues to sell out shows. It serves as a testament to the lasting impact and popularity of Diamond’s music.

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