Dreams of Hollywood to Radio Legend Kent Jones



dreams of hollywood to radio legend kent jones

Dreams of Hollywood to Radio Legend Kent Jones

In this article, titled “Dreams of Hollywood to Radio Legend Kent Jones,” the Spokesman-Review shares the incredible journey of Kent Jones, a beloved radio host who recently retired after a remarkable 49-year career in the industry.

Jones had originally dreamed of becoming a film actor and making it big in Hollywood, but his path took a different turn when he discovered his passion for radio. Inspired by legendary DJ Dan Ingram, Jones embarked on a lifelong career that allowed him to connect with listeners, meet iconic musicians, and make a positive impact through charitable missions.

While the broadcast industry continues to evolve, Jones remains optimistic about the future of radio, emphasizing the importance of station personality and the unique experience it provides for listeners. Now retired, Jones plans to focus on his own media production company and continue to make a mark in the industry he loves.

Kent Jones: A Dream of Hollywood

Kent Jones, a beloved figure in the radio industry, has had a remarkable 49-year broadcast career. His journey began with aspirations of making it big in Hollywood, where he dreamed of becoming a film actor and being on TV commercials.

However, his path took a turn when he discovered his passion for radio. Jones was inspired by Dan Ingram, a popular DJ on WABC New York, who had a unique on-air style that captivated audiences. This encounter with Ingram and a visit to WABC solidified Jones’ decision to pursue a career in radio.

Early Aspirations in the Film Industry

As a music-loving teenager, Kent Jones dreamed of becoming a film actor and being in the movies and TV commercials. He had a genuine interest in the world of Hollywood and the entertainment industry. However, his passion for the film industry would later transform into a love for radio.

Inspiration from WABC New York idol, Dan Ingram

Kent Jones’ journey into radio was influenced by his idol, Dan Ingram, a DJ on WABC New York. Ingram’s on-air personality and ability to inject humor into his broadcasts left a lasting impression on Jones. He admired Ingram’s unique style and his ability to connect with listeners.

Inspired by Ingram, Jones wrote a heartfelt letter to WABC program director, Rick Sklar, expressing his admiration and requesting a meeting with Ingram. Sklar agreed, and this encounter further fueled Jones’ passion for radio.

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Encounter with Dan Ingram and Visit to WABC

Kent Jones was granted the opportunity to meet his idol, Dan Ingram, during a visit to WABC. Sklar played Jones’ audition tape, giving him a chance to showcase his talent. While at the radio station, Jones had the privilege of visiting the studio where Ingram was on the air. The experience was a dream come true for Jones, and he was greeted by enthusiastic young listeners eager for Ingram’s autograph. This encounter solidified Jones’ desire to pursue a career in radio.

Shaping his On-Air Style

After his encounter with Dan Ingram, Kent Jones dove into studying radio personalities and their distinct on-air styles. He carefully observed the phrases, pauses, and inflections of DJs he admired, with the aim of molding those mannerisms into his own unique on-air style.

Jones understood the importance of connecting with his audience and aimed to be a real person who could relate to listeners. This focus on developing his on-air style would later become one of Jones’ defining characteristics as a radio personality.

The Journey into Radio

Kent Jones’ journey into the radio industry began when he was hired as the morning show host and program director for KOMA, a prominent radio station in Oklahoma City. Jones relished the opportunity to program the station with such rich heritage and launched a highly successful oldies format.

His talent and dedication were recognized, and he later created and hosted two shows, “Totally Awesome ’80s” and “80s Vault,” which further solidified his success in the radio industry.

Studying Radio Personalities

As a DJ out of college, Kent Jones dedicated himself to studying and learning from the radio personalities he admired. He analyzed their delivery, paying attention to phrases, pauses, and inflections. Jones recognized the importance of being genuine and relatable to his audience. This dedication to studying radio personalities helped shape his own distinct on-air style.

Hired as Morning Show Host and Program Director for KOMA

In 1988, Kent Jones achieved a significant milestone in his career when he was hired as the morning show host and program director for KOMA, a powerhouse radio station in Oklahoma City. This opportunity allowed him to showcase his talent and programming skills. Jones embraced the challenge of programming a station with a rich heritage and made a lasting impact with his highly successful oldies format.

Success with Oldies Format

Kent Jones’ oldies format on KOMA resonated with listeners and garnered tremendous success. His deep understanding of the music and his ability to connect with the audience made his morning show a beloved fixture in the Oklahoma City radio market. Jones’ success with the oldies format cemented his reputation as a talented radio personality and program director.

Creation of ‘Totally Awesome ’80s’ and ’80s Vault’

Building on his success with the oldies format, Kent Jones created and hosted two popular shows: “Totally Awesome ’80s” and “80s Vault.” These shows showcased Jones’ ability to curate music and connect with listeners through a shared love of ’80s music. The shows were well-received, further establishing Jones as a respected figure in the radio industry.

Transition to Spokane

Despite his success in Oklahoma City, Kent Jones faced a setback when he lost his position at KOMA due to widespread broadcast industry layoffs in 2020. However, Jones saw this as an opportunity for a fresh start. He found new opportunities waiting for him in Spokane, where he would continue his career in radio.

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Losing Position at KOMA

Kent Jones’ 31-year position at KOMA came to an end due to the challenges faced by the broadcast industry. Although losing his position was unexpected, Jones remained optimistic and saw it as an opportunity for growth and new experiences.

Finding Opportunity in Spokane

Despite the setback of losing his position at KOMA, Kent Jones found a promising opportunity in Spokane. He recognized the potential of the radio market in the area and saw it as a chance to continue his career and make a positive impact.

Operation of Multiple Radio Stations

In Spokane, Kent Jones had the opportunity to operate six radio stations owned by Stephens Media Group. This experience allowed him to further refine his skills as a radio personality and program director. Jones embraced the challenge of managing multiple stations and used his expertise to ensure the success of each individual station.

Hosting the Morning Show at 101.1 KEYF-FM

Kent Jones’ journey in Spokane culminated in his role as the morning show host at 101.1 KEYF-FM. Hosting the morning show allowed Jones to connect with listeners and share his love of music. His distinctive on-air style and passion for radio made him a beloved figure in the Spokane radio market.

Passion and Dedication

For Kent Jones, radio is not just a career but a passion. He approaches his work with the same enthusiasm as a hobby, where he can indulge in his love for music. The rush of being on air and the interaction with listeners make each day exciting and fulfilling for Jones.

The Rush of Being on Air

Kent Jones finds immense joy in being on the air, as it allows him to perform and connect with his audience. The ability to play music, interact with listeners, and receive feedback is what makes radio such a thrilling experience for him.

Charitable Missions and Broadcast Highlights

Throughout his career, Kent Jones has been actively involved in charitable missions and broadcasts that make a positive difference in the community. Notable highlights include his involvement in the Spokane Salvation Army Backpacks for Kids event, which provided backpacks filled with essential supplies to children in need. He also participated in campaigns that showed support for injured troops at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C.

Involvement in the Spokane Salvation Army Backpacks for Kids event

Kent Jones’ commitment to giving back to the community is evident in his involvement in the Spokane Salvation Army Backpacks for Kids event. This event aimed to ensure that children in need had the necessary supplies for a successful school year. Jones used his platform as a radio personality to raise awareness and support for this noble cause.

Campaigns for Injured Troops at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Kent Jones recognized the sacrifices made by our nation’s injured troops and sought to uplift their spirits through his radio broadcasts. He organized campaigns that delivered banners filled with well wishes to injured troops at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. Jones’ efforts aimed to bring comfort and appreciation to the brave men and women who served their country.

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Beyond Radio

While radio has been the primary focus of Kent Jones’ career, he has also explored other avenues in the entertainment industry. Jones had a brief stint in acting and even landed a small role in a Matt Damon film. However, his true passion remains in radio and he has continued to contribute to the field through his production company, Kent Jones Productions.

A Brief Stint in Acting

Kent Jones briefly explored his acting aspirations and had the opportunity to be a part of the film industry. Although he played a small role in a Matt Damon film, Jones’ love for radio ultimately prevailed, and he returned to his true passion.

Focus on Kent Jones Productions

Kent Jones Productions is a company established by Kent Jones that focuses on recording singers and producing music videos. Through his company, Jones has contributed to the music industry and worked with talented musicians across the United States. His dedication to quality and his passion for music shine through in his productions.

Recording Singers and Producing Music Videos

Kent Jones Productions has been instrumental in recording singers and producing music videos. Jones’ expertise in the field has allowed him to work with a diverse range of artists and create visual representations of their talent. His passion for music and commitment to excellence make each project a success.

Continued Optimism for Radio

Despite the ever-changing landscape of the media industry, Kent Jones remains optimistic about the future of radio. He dismisses the notion that radio is dying due to the rise of streaming services and podcasts. Jones emphasizes the enduring relevance of radio and its unique ability to capture the largest share of the audience’s attention through “stationality.”

Radio’s Enduring Relevance

Kent Jones firmly believes that radio will continue to have a lasting impact on audiences. He debunks the misconception that streaming services and podcasts have rendered radio obsolete. Jones argues that radio’s ability to connect with listeners through a curated experience sets it apart from other forms of media.

Importance of ‘Stationality’

Jones emphasizes the importance of “stationality” in creating an enjoyable and entertaining experience for listeners. It is not just about the songs or the DJs; it is the combination of various elements that make a radio station unique and captivating. Jones believes that a well-crafted radio station can provide a seamless and entertaining flow similar to that of a good movie.

Distinctive Elements for an Entertaining Experience

Kent Jones stresses the significance of having distinctive elements in a radio station to provide an entertaining experience. This includes a well-curated playlist, engaging DJs, entertaining segments, and a seamless flow that keeps listeners engaged. Jones understands the importance of crafting an enjoyable experience that keeps listeners coming back for more.

Comparison to Streaming Services

While streaming services have gained popularity, Kent Jones believes that radio still holds a significant share of the audience’s attention. He highlights the fact that radio provides a curated experience and the ability to connect with the audience on a personal level, which streaming services often lack. Jones argues that the unique elements of radio make it a timeless medium.

Kent Jones’ Remarkable 49-Year Broadcast Career

Kent Jones’ 49-year broadcast career is a testament to his dedication and passion for radio. From his early aspirations in the film industry to his successful transition into radio, Jones has left an indelible mark on the industry. His ability to connect with listeners and create an entertaining experience has made him a beloved figure in the radio community.

Impact on the Radio Industry

Kent Jones’ impact on the radio industry is significant. Through his distinctive on-air style and dedication to the craft, he has inspired countless aspiring radio personalities. Jones’ success as a program director has also contributed to the evolution and success of radio stations under his leadership.

Continued Dedication and Passion for the Medium

Even after almost five decades in the industry, Kent Jones’ dedication and passion for radio remain as strong as ever. His desire to connect with listeners, contribute to the community, and create an enjoyable experience for all is evident in his work. Jones is a shining example of how a lifelong career in radio can be a fulfilling and rewarding journey.

Positive Outlook for Radio’s Future

Despite the challenges and changes in the media landscape, Kent Jones has a positive outlook for the future of radio. He firmly believes in the enduring relevance of radio and its ability to captivate audiences. Jones’ optimistic perspective is a testament to his unwavering belief in the power of radio as a medium of entertainment and connection.

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