Classic FM to Stop Broadcasting on DAB Signal



classic fm to stop broadcasting on dab signal 2

Classic FM to Stop Broadcasting on DAB Signal

Classic FM, the beloved radio station known for its enchanting classical music, will soon cease broadcasting on the DAB signal. As of January 2, only those with newer, DAB+ compatible radios will be able to tune into the station.

This decision comes as part of the government’s plan to eventually switch off the FM signal altogether by 2030, extinguishing an entire auditory landscape. However, there is still hope for music enthusiasts as they can explore a plethora of online radio stations, offering a wide variety of options for those with an internet connection.

Among the recommended international stations are Radio Swiss Classic, WFMU-FM, Monocle Radio, WWOZ-FM, 24/7 Bach, WYNC, Dublab, and Kool 97. With such a vast array of choices, listeners can continue to immerse themselves in the magical world of music, even as the familiar frequencies of Classic FM slowly fade away.

Classic FM to Stop Broadcasting on DAB Signal

Classic FM to Stop Broadcasting on DAB Signal


Classic FM, one of the UK’s most popular classical music radio stations, has announced its decision to cease broadcasting on the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) signal. This move will take effect on January 2, and it means that only newer, DAB+ compatible radios will be able to tune in to Classic FM.

Implications of Classic FM’s decision

The decision by Classic FM to stop broadcasting on the DAB signal carries several implications.

Firstly, it reduces accessibility for those who own non-DAB+ radios, as they will no longer be able to enjoy Classic FM’s programming. This is particularly significant for individuals who have invested in traditional FM radios and will now need to update their devices to listen to their favorite classical music radio station.

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Furthermore, the cessation of DAB signal broadcasting may potentially result in a loss of listenership for Classic FM. Without the ability to reach a wide audience through the DAB signal, the radio station may struggle to maintain its current level of popularity and engagement.

Additionally, this decision may have an impact on the advertising revenue generated by Classic FM. With a potentially smaller audience, advertisers may be less inclined to invest in the radio station’s advertising slots, which could have financial implications for Classic FM and the wider radio broadcasting industry.

Impact of the government’s decision

Classic FM’s decision to switch off its DAB signal coincides with the government’s plan to completely eliminate the FM signal by 2030. This means that traditional radio listening, as we know it, is gradually being phased out in favor of digital platforms. While this decision reflects the evolution of technology and the changing preferences of listeners, it also marks the end of an era for radio broadcasting.

The government’s decision to switch off the FM signal entirely in the future further emphasizes the shift towards digital platforms and the increasing importance of internet connectivity in accessing radio stations.

This change not only affects Classic FM but also other radio stations across the country. It poses challenges for the radio broadcasting industry as it adapts to the changing landscape and explores new ways to reach and engage with listeners.

Options for listeners

For the loyal listeners of Classic FM who are currently using non-DAB+ radios, there are several options available to ensure continued access to their favorite classical music. One option is to transition to DAB+ compatible radios, which will allow them to tune in to Classic FM and other stations that have made the switch to DAB+.

Another alternative for listeners is to explore online radio stations. With access to an internet connection, listeners can browse and discover a wide range of radio stations that offer diverse genres and programming options. Online radio stations provide an alternative to the traditional radio listening experience and can be accessed through various streaming platforms and websites.

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Classic FM to Stop Broadcasting on DAB Signal

Online radio stations

Online radio stations have become increasingly popular as a convenient and accessible way to listen to music and programming. With an internet connection, listeners can enjoy their favorite radio stations from anywhere in the world, expanding their options and discovering new music and stations.

These online radio stations offer a wide range of genres, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Whether it’s classical music, jazz, rock, or talk shows, there is something for everyone in the vast landscape of online radio.

Recommended international radio stations

For fans of classical music and those who have been dedicated listeners of Classic FM, there are several international radio stations that come highly recommended. These stations not only provide a similar experience to Classic FM but also offer their unique programming and features.

Radio Swiss Classic

Radio Swiss Classic is an excellent alternative for classical music lovers who are looking for a high-quality and reliable station. With a focus on classical music, this Swiss radio station offers an extensive repertoire of classical masterpieces from different eras and composers. It is available internationally, making it accessible to listeners around the globe.


WFMU-FM is a unique and eclectic radio station based in the United States. Known for its free-form programming, this independent and non-commercial station provides listeners with a diverse range of music genres and styles. From alternative rock to experimental sounds, WFMU-FM offers a refreshing and adventurous listening experience.

Monocle Radio

Monocle Radio is an international station that combines music, news, and cultural programming. With a focus on global affairs, business, and design, Monocle Radio offers a unique blend of content that appeals to a broad audience. It provides a fresh perspective on current events and global trends while keeping listeners entertained with an engaging selection of music.


WWOZ-FM is a renowned radio station based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Specializing in jazz and the rich musical heritage of the city, WWOZ-FM offers a captivating listening experience for jazz enthusiasts and fans of New Orleans music. With its vibrant programming and commitment to preserving and celebrating local culture, WWOZ-FM is a must-listen for jazz lovers.

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24/7 Bach

As the name suggests, 24/7 Bach is dedicated to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. This online radio station focuses solely on the iconic composer’s works, providing an immersive and continuous stream of his masterpieces. From keyboard compositions to orchestral works, 24/7 Bach allows listeners to indulge in the beauty of Bach’s music around the clock.


WYNC is a public radio station based in New York City, offering a diverse range of programming that covers news, culture, and music. With its engaging talk shows, thought-provoking discussions, and carefully curated music selections, WYNC provides a well-rounded listening experience for those seeking informative and entertaining content.


Dublab is a non-profit radio station that showcases the best of independent music and underground sounds. Based in Los Angeles, this station offers a unique blend of electronic, experimental, and avant-garde music. With its emphasis on artistic exploration and boundary-pushing sounds, Dublab provides a platform for emerging artists and genres.

Kool 97

Kool 97 is a popular Jamaican radio station that specializes in classic hits and oldies. With its nostalgia-inducing music selection, Kool 97 takes listeners on a journey through the golden ages of music, featuring timeless hits across various genres. Whether it’s reggae, soul, or rock ‘n’ roll, Kool 97 offers a familiar and enjoyable listening experience.

In conclusion, while Classic FM’s decision to stop broadcasting on the DAB signal may pose challenges for listeners who own non-DAB+ radios, there are still numerous alternatives available.

Transitioning to DAB+ compatible radios or exploring the wide range of online radio stations can ensure that listeners continue to enjoy their favorite music and programming. By embracing these alternatives and discovering new stations, classical music enthusiasts and radio lovers can continue to immerse themselves in the world of music and expand their horizons.

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