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bedford two new dab radio stations

Two new exciting DAB radio stations have recently launched in Bedford, offering residents a diverse range of music and programming.

Bedford Radio, a not-for-profit community station, aims to showcase the vibrant culture and independent businesses of the area while providing great entertainment and information to its listeners.

On the other hand, Harpur Radio, a commercial station, boasts familiar names from the former Chiltern FM and promises to play all the songs listeners love while supporting Bedford’s local music scene. With their unique styles and missions, these new stations are sure to bring a fresh and engaging radio experience to the people of Bedford.


This comprehensive article discusses the launch of two new radio stations in Bedford, namely Bedford Radio and Harpur Radio. Both stations are available on DAB and offer unique content and features to cater to the diverse preferences of music and radio fans in Bedford.

The article provides an overview of each station, their mission and purpose, volunteer opportunities, and their respective launch shows. Additionally, it explores how listeners can access these stations through their websites, DAB, and smart speakers.

The article also delves into the taglines and promises made by both stations and presents reactions from the station directors, Martin Steers of Bedford Radio and Tony Dibbin of Harpur Radio. Furthermore, it highlights the community impact created by the stations, such as showcasing Bedford’s culture, supporting independent businesses, and engaging listeners.

The article also discusses the various partnerships and collaborations established by the stations, as well as their plans for the future. Overall, this article provides a comprehensive overview of the two new radio stations in Bedford and their contribution to the local community.

Bedford Radio


Bedford Radio is a not-for-profit, volunteer-led community radio station that aims to become a showcase and platform for Bedford’s vibrant culture, diverse community groups, and independent businesses.

The station was set up by Martin Steers with the goal of providing great entertainment to the town and informing people about community groups, events, and local businesses. Bedford Radio offers a blend of music and programmes that cater to the various interests of its listeners.

Mission and Purpose

The mission of Bedford Radio is to engage the community of Bedford by providing entertaining and informative content that reflects the diverse interests and values of the local population. The station aims to promote local talent, businesses, and events, and to foster a sense of community among its listeners.

Bedford Radio’s purpose is to contribute to the enrichment of Bedford’s cultural scene and to provide a platform for individuals and organizations to share their stories and ideas.

Volunteer Opportunities

One of the unique aspects of Bedford Radio is its reliance on volunteers to produce and present shows. Anyone can get involved and become a presenter or volunteer on Bedford Radio, and full training is provided to ensure that volunteers have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality content.

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This volunteer-driven approach allows for a diverse range of voices and perspectives to be heard on the station and ensures that the content remains relevant and engaging for the local community.

Launch Show

To mark the launch of Bedford Radio, a special show was aired at midday on the day of the station’s inauguration. This show served as an introduction to the station and its programming, giving listeners a taste of what to expect in the future.

Following the launch, Bedford Radio has a regular drivetime show every weekday from 4pm to 6pm, which is hosted by a rotating team of presenters. As more presenters join the station, the schedule will be expanded further across the daytime, offering a diverse range of shows and topics.

Expanded Schedule

In the future, Bedford Radio plans to expand its schedule to include more shows and presenters. This expansion will enable the station to cater to a wider range of interests and ensure that there is something for everyone. By diversifying its programming, Bedford Radio aims to attract a larger audience and establish itself as the go-to radio station for the people of Bedford.

Harpur Radio


Harpur Radio is a commercial radio station that aims to provide quality music and entertainment to the people of Bedford. The station’s lineup includes many familiar names from the former Chiltern FM, which later became Heart FM. Harpur Radio combines popular songs with engaging programming to create a unique listening experience for its audience.

Familiar Names

Listeners of Harpur Radio in Bedford will no doubt recognize many of the names presenting on the station. The lineup includes popular morning radio duo Tony and Emma, along with other well-known presenters such as Jono Woodward, Steven Gordon-Wilson, Alex Duffy, David Alley, and Simon Marshall.

The presence of these familiar voices adds a sense of familiarity and continuity for listeners, making Harpur Radio a trusted source of quality entertainment.

Partnerships with Local Businesses

Harpur Radio takes pride in its partnerships with local businesses in Bedford. By collaborating with these businesses, the station aims to support the local economy and promote local products and services. This partnership not only benefits the businesses involved but also provides valuable content for the station’s listeners.

By highlighting local businesses, Harpur Radio seeks to foster a sense of community and encourage listeners to support their local economy.

Events in The Harpur Centre

As part of its commitment to the local community, Harpur Radio hosts key events in The Harpur Centre throughout the year. These events serve as opportunities for the station to engage directly with its listeners and provide an interactive and immersive experience.

By organizing events in The Harpur Centre, Harpur Radio aims to create a sense of excitement and unity among its audience, further solidifying its position as a trusted and beloved radio station in Bedford.

How to Access the Stations


Both Bedford Radio and Harpur Radio can be accessed through their respective websites. Bedford Radio can be found at, while Harpur Radio’s website is These websites serve as hubs of information, allowing listeners to learn more about the stations, explore their programming, and access additional content.

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Both stations are also available on DAB, providing easy access to their broadcasts for listeners in Bedford and the surrounding areas. DAB, or Digital Audio Broadcasting, offers superior sound quality and a wider range of stations compared to traditional FM or AM radio. By utilizing this technology, Bedford Radio and Harpur Radio ensure that their content can reach a larger audience and provide a seamless listening experience.

Smart Speakers

Another convenient way to access both stations is through smart speakers. Listeners can simply use voice commands to play Bedford Radio or Harpur Radio on their smart speakers, allowing for hands-free and effortless listening. This feature makes it easier than ever for audiences to enjoy their favorite shows and music without the need for manual tuning or searching for frequencies.

Taglines and Promises

Bedford Radio’s Promise

Bedford Radio’s tagline, “Keeping Bedford Connected,” reflects the station’s commitment to the local community. The station promises to provide engaging and relevant content that keeps listeners informed about what’s happening in Bedford and fosters a sense of connection among its audience.

By showcasing the diverse culture and independent businesses of Bedford, Bedford Radio aims to create a platform that celebrates and uplifts the local community.

Harpur Radio’s Promise

Harpur Radio’s tagline, “All the songs you love,” highlights the station’s focus on playing popular music that resonates with its audience. The station promises to provide a curated selection of songs that appeal to a wide range of tastes, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

By partnering with local businesses and supporting Bedford’s music scene, Harpur Radio aims to create a vibrant and engaging listening experience that celebrates the local culture.

Reactions from Station Directors

Martin Steers on Bedford Radio

Martin Steers, the founder and station manager of Bedford Radio, is passionate about providing great entertainment to the town of Bedford. He believes that the station’s volunteer-led approach and commitment to showcasing Bedford’s culture and community groups will resonate with the local population.

Steers is excited about engaging listeners and providing them with a platform to get involved in the station’s programming. He sees Bedford Radio as a valuable resource for informing people about what’s happening in Bedford and connecting them with local businesses and events.

Tony Dibbin on Harpur Radio

Tony Dibbin, the station director of Harpur Radio, is thrilled to be back behind the microphone in the town he calls home.

He believes that Harpur Radio’s lineup of well-known presenters and its partnerships with local businesses will set the station apart. Dibbin is excited about the opportunity to showcase Bedford’s own music scene and the regional talent that will be featured on the station. He sees Harpur Radio as an integral part of the Bedford community and a platform for promoting local artists and businesses.

Community Impact

Showcasing Bedford’s Culture

Both Bedford Radio and Harpur Radio aim to showcase the vibrant culture of Bedford through their programming and collaborations. By featuring local artists, events, and community groups, the stations provide a platform for Bedford’s diverse cultural scene to be celebrated and shared with a wider audience. This exposure helps to foster a sense of pride and unity among the people of Bedford, reinforcing the unique identity of the town.

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Supporting Independent Businesses

A significant aspect of both stations’ missions is to support independent businesses in Bedford. By partnering with local businesses and promoting their products and services, Bedford Radio and Harpur Radio contribute to the local economy and help these businesses thrive. Additionally, by highlighting the work of independent entrepreneurs, the stations inspire listeners to support local establishments, which in turn strengthens the fabric of the community.

Engaging Listeners

Both stations recognize the importance of engaging their listeners and giving them a voice.

Bedford Radio offers volunteer opportunities, allowing members of the community to become presenters and actively contribute to the station’s programming. This involvement creates a sense of ownership and connection among the listeners, making Bedford Radio a station that truly serves the interests of the local community. Harpur Radio engages its audience through interactive events and a lineup of familiar presenters, fostering a sense of familiarity and community among its listeners.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Bedford Radio Collaborations

Bedford Radio actively seeks partnerships and collaborations with local organizations, community groups, and businesses. These collaborations allow the station to feature diverse voices and expand its reach within the community. By working together with other entities in Bedford, Bedford Radio creates a collaborative and supportive network that benefits everyone involved. These collaborations also provide unique and varied content for the listeners, ensuring that the station remains fresh, relevant, and engaging.

Harpur Radio Collaborations

Harpur Radio also understands the value of partnerships and collaborations within the local community. By collaborating with local businesses and highlighting Bedford’s music scene, the station creates a vibrant and dynamic listening experience. The collaborations with local businesses provide additional content and advertising opportunities, while the focus on Bedford’s music scene contributes to the growth and recognition of local talent. By working together, Harpur Radio and its collaborators create a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances the station’s overall appeal and impact.

Future Plans

Bedford Radio’s Plans

Looking ahead, Bedford Radio plans to continue expanding its schedule to include more shows and presenters. By doing so, the station aims to offer a diverse range of programming that caters to the various interests and tastes of its audience. Additionally, Bedford Radio plans to continue fostering partnerships with local businesses and community groups, showcasing the unique offerings and values of Bedford. These plans will ensure that Bedford Radio remains a vibrant and relevant platform for the Bedford community.

Harpur Radio’s Plans

Harpur Radio also has exciting plans for the future. The station plans to further develop its partnerships with local businesses and expand its support for Bedford’s music scene. By hosting events in collaboration with The Harpur Centre and promoting local artists, Harpur Radio aims to strengthen its connection with the Bedford community and become an integral part of its cultural fabric. These plans will help Harpur Radio grow its audience and solidify its position as a leading radio station in Bedford.


The launch of Bedford Radio and Harpur Radio has brought a new era of radio to the community of Bedford. These stations offer unique and engaging programming that reflects the diverse interests and values of the local population. Bedford Radio’s focus on community involvement and showcasing Bedford’s culture, along with Harpur Radio’s partnerships with local businesses and support for Bedford’s music scene, create a rich and vibrant radio landscape in the town.

As these stations continue to expand their programming, foster collaborations, and engage with the community, their impact on Bedford is set to grow even further. Overall, Bedford Radio and Harpur Radio contribute to the cultural enrichment, economic growth, and sense of community in Bedford, making them valuable assets to the town’s residents and businesses.

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