BBC Hosts Fundraiser for Vendor with Pneumonia



bbc hosts fundraiser for vendor with pneumonia

BBC Hosts Fundraiser for Vendor with Pneumonia

In a heartwarming display of support, BBC staff in London have raised over £7,000 to help George Anderson, a beloved Big Issue vendor, who was hospitalized with pneumonia over Christmas. Anderson, who has been selling the magazine outside the Broadcasting House for nine years, has become an integral part of the BBC family.

After learning that Anderson was left without a means to sustain himself, Leila Mannish, a director on BBC News and Newsnight, started an online crowdfunding campaign.

The fundraiser, which received significant contributions from BBC stars like Victoria Derbyshire, means that Anderson can focus on recovering without the pressure of returning to work. The overwhelming response from BBC staff has left Anderson feeling connected and part of the BBC family.



In a heartwarming display of support, staff at the BBC in London have organized a successful fundraiser for George Anderson, a beloved Big Issue vendor who was recently hospitalized with pneumonia. Anderson has been a cherished part of the BBC family for nearly a decade, selling the magazine outside of Broadcasting House.

After learning of Anderson’s struggle to sustain himself while unable to work, Leila Mannish, a director on BBC News and Newsnight, initiated a crowdfunding campaign to help him.

With the support of BBC Director General Tim Davie and other staff members, the campaign has raised over £7,000 to date, ensuring that Anderson can focus on his recovery without worrying about his financial situation.

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1. Background Information

1.1 George Anderson and the Big Issue

For the past nine years, George Anderson has been selling the Big Issue outside Broadcasting House, making a positive impact on the BBC community and the public. The Big Issue is a street newspaper that provides employment opportunities for individuals experiencing homelessness or facing financial hardship. Anderson’s presence and friendly demeanor have made him well-known and cherished by both staff and visitors at the BBC.

1.2 Anderson’s Struggle with Pneumonia

Unfortunately, Anderson was recently struck down with pneumonia, which forced him to be hospitalized over the Christmas period. The illness left him unable to continue selling the Big Issue and provide for himself. This created a challenging situation for Anderson, who relies on the income from his magazine sales to cover his expenses, including rent for the hostel where he resides.

2. BBC Staff’s Initiative

2.1 Leila Mannish’s Crowdfunding Campaign

Leila Mannish, a director on BBC News and Newsnight, took it upon herself to start an online crowdfunding campaign to support Anderson during his recovery. Recognizing the impact that Anderson has had on the BBC community, Mannish wanted to ensure he had the means to sustain himself without returning to work prematurely. She set up a GoFundMe campaign and reached out to her colleagues at the BBC to garner support.

2.2 Support from BBC Director General Tim Davie

Mannish contacted BBC Director General Tim Davie, who is known to have a personal connection with Anderson. Davie expressed his concern for Anderson’s well-being and offered his support. He quickly mobilized the staff in the London office, spreading the word about the fundraiser and encouraging donations. Even retired BBC members and former employees contributed to the campaign, highlighting the deep affection and respect that Anderson has garnered over the years.

2.3 Fundraising Success

Thanks to the concerted efforts of Mannish, Davie, and the BBC staff, the fundraising campaign for Anderson has been incredibly successful. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised over £7,000, surpassing expectations and ensuring that Anderson can focus on his recovery without financial stress. Notable figures, including TV talent such as Victoria Derbyshire, have made generous contributions, demonstrating the widespread support and admiration for Anderson and his contributions.

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3. Anderson’s Gratitude and Recovery

3.1 Anderson’s Appreciation for the BBC Family

George Anderson expresses his immense gratitude to the BBC family for their overwhelming support during his illness. He is touched by the generosity and kindness shown by his fellow vendors, BBC staff, and even members of the All Souls Church near Broadcasting House who provided him with transportation and food during his hospitalization. The outpouring of support has made him feel more connected and a true part of the BBC community.

3.2 The Importance of Donations

Anderson recognizes the significance of the donations he has received through the crowdfunding campaign. Being self-employed and never having claimed benefits before, he heavily relied on the income from selling the Big Issue to cover his expenses, particularly rent for the hostel where he resides.

The financial support he has received relieves the pressure he felt to return to work prematurely, allowing him to prioritize his recovery and ensure he is fully healthy before resuming his work as a vendor.

3.3 Anderson’s Road to Recovery

With the successful fundraiser providing him financial stability, Anderson is now focused on recovering from pneumonia. He acknowledges that pneumonia has been a challenging and isolating experience, particularly during his time in the hostel room due to COVID-19 restrictions.

However, he remains positive and looks forward to returning to Broadcasting House when he is fully recovered. Anderson is grateful for the opportunity to take the necessary time to heal and regain his strength before engaging in his work once again.

4. Ways to Support Big Issue Vendors

4.1 Finding Local Big Issue Vendors

Supporting vendors like George Anderson is crucial to sustaining the Big Issue’s mission and assisting those who are experiencing homelessness or financial hardship. Individuals can locate local Big Issue vendors through an interactive map provided by the organization. By purchasing a magazine or connecting with a vendor, people can directly contribute to their livelihood and well-being.

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4.2 Subscribing to the Big Issue Publication

For those who may not have regular access to a local vendor, subscribing to the Big Issue publication is an excellent way to support the organization. As a social enterprise, the Big Issue reinvests all profits back into initiatives aimed at empowering individuals in poverty.

By subscribing to the magazine, individuals not only stay informed about social issues but also contribute to meaningful change and support for vendors like George Anderson.


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