Amazon Set for Big 2024 Streaming Rights Deal



amazon set for big 2024 streaming rights deal 4

Amazon Set for Big 2024 Streaming Rights Deal

In a major new broadcasting change, Amazon Prime is poised to secure a significant streaming rights deal for 2024.

The company is reportedly on the verge of agreeing to a broadcast deal with WWE for Monday Night Raw, which is currently aired on NBCUniversal. As their contract with NBCUniversal is set to expire in October, Amazon Prime is looking to capitalize on the opportunity to become a key player in broadcasting professional wrestling.

With a focus on targeting a young male audience, Amazon Prime aims to attract more subscribers and expand its live programming offerings.+

Amazon Set for Big 2024 Streaming Rights Deal

Amazon Prime, one of the leading streaming platforms, is poised to make a major move in the world of professional wrestling broadcasting. Reports suggest that Amazon Prime is on the verge of securing a broadcast deal with WWE for the popular show Monday Night Raw. This comes as the current deal between WWE and NBCUniversal is set to expire at the end of October.

Amazon Prime to Become a Significant Player in Broadcasting Professional Wrestling

If the deal between Amazon Prime and WWE goes through, it will cement Amazon Prime’s position as a significant player in the world of professional wrestling broadcasting. Currently, WWE’s Monday Night Raw is a highly-watched show, and it has been a mainstay on television for years.

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By acquiring the rights to Monday Night Raw, Amazon Prime aims to attract a wider audience and further establish itself as a go-to streaming platform for sports entertainment.

Amazon Set for Big 2024 Streaming Rights Deal

WWE on the Verge of Agreeing to a Broadcast Deal with Amazon Prime for Monday Night Raw

Negotiations between WWE and Amazon Prime are reportedly in the final stages, with both parties being optimistic about reaching an agreement. While the specifics of the deal have not been disclosed, it is expected to be a lucrative contract that will benefit both WWE and Amazon Prime.

The move to Amazon Prime will potentially open up new opportunities for WWE to reach a larger global audience and explore innovative ways of delivering their content.

Monday Night Raw Deal with NBCUniversal Set to Expire

The impending expiration of WWE’s Monday Night Raw deal with NBCUniversal has created an opportunity for Amazon Prime to step in and secure the rights to broadcast the show. Monday Night Raw has long been a staple on NBCUniversal’s programming, but with the rise of streaming platforms, WWE sees an opportunity to explore new partnerships and reach a wider audience.

This decision marks a significant shift in the broadcasting landscape, as streaming platforms continue to gain prominence in the industry.

Amazon Set for Big 2024 Streaming Rights Deal

Amazon Prime’s Target Audience

Amazon Prime has been strategically targeting a young male audience with its premium live programming. The success of their coverage of the NFL on Thursday nights has shown Amazon Prime the potential of engaging this specific demographic. By acquiring the rights to WWE’s Monday Night Raw, the streaming giant aims to tap into the passionate fanbase of professional wrestling, particularly young male viewers. This move aligns with Amazon Prime’s goal of expanding its reach and subscriber base.

Amazon Prime’s Existing Partnership with the NFL

Amazon Prime’s existing partnership with the NFL has paved the way for its foray into the world of professional wrestling broadcasting. The streaming platform has been offering live sports streaming experiences on Thursday nights, providing viewers with access to NFL games.

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This partnership has proven successful in attracting sports fans to Amazon Prime, establishing it as a reliable source for live sports content. The addition of WWE’s Monday Night Raw to its repertoire will further solidify Amazon Prime’s position as a reliable destination for sports entertainment.

Amazon Prime’s Acquisition of WWE Raw Rights

The acquisition of WWE Raw rights by Amazon Prime signifies a strategic move to enhance its content offerings and appeal to a broader audience. Monday Night Raw has a dedicated fanbase, and its inclusion in Amazon Prime’s streaming lineup will undoubtedly attract a significant number of wrestling enthusiasts.

By securing the rights to broadcast WWE Raw, Amazon Prime will be able to showcase live wrestling events, bolster its sports portfolio, and attract more subscribers to its platform.

WWE’s Other Broadcasting Deals

Apart from the potential deal with Amazon Prime for Monday Night Raw, WWE has also secured other broadcasting deals. SmackDown, another popular WWE show, has signed a new deal with USA Network. Additionally, WWE’s next-generation program, NXT, inked a deal with The CW Network. These partnerships highlight the company’s commitment to expanding its reach and exploring different avenues for broadcasting its content.

Sports Leagues’ Shift towards Streaming

The world of sports broadcasting has witnessed a significant shift towards streaming platforms in recent years. With the rise of streaming services like Amazon Prime, ESPN+, and Disney+, traditional television networks are facing competition like never before. Streaming platforms offer more flexibility, personalized viewing experiences, and a wider range of content options. As demonstrated by the potential deal between Amazon Prime and WWE, the shift towards streaming is transforming how sports leagues distribute their content and engage with their fans.

Mark Cuban’s Views on Streaming and the NBA’s Future

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has been vocal about the importance of streaming in the future of sports broadcasting. He emphasizes that linear TV, such as satellite and cable, is gradually losing its popularity, and sports leagues need to adapt to the changing landscape. Cuban believes that streamers like Amazon, ESPN, and Disney are interested in long-term partnerships with sports leagues like the NBA. By investing in streaming, the NBA can secure its future and cater to evolving viewer preferences.

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The potential partnership between Amazon Prime and WWE for Monday Night Raw marks a significant development in the world of sports entertainment broadcasting. Amazon Prime’s target audience aligns with the passionate fanbase of WWE, and the streaming giant aims to tap into this demographic by offering live wrestling events on its platform.

This move emphasizes the growing influence of streaming platforms in sports broadcasting and highlights the need for sports leagues to adapt to the changing media landscape. As more sports leagues embrace streaming services, the way fans consume content will continue to evolve, providing exciting opportunities for both broadcasters and viewers alike.

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