Alice Cooper Relaunches Radio Show Alice’s Attic



alice cooper relaunches radio show alices attic

Alice Cooper Relaunches Radio Show Alice’s Attic

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Alice Cooper is making a comeback to the airwaves with the relaunch of his radio show, now called “Alice’s Attic.

The show will feature a curated mix of classic and obscure rock, along with Cooper’s stories and commentary about the music and artists he features.

The show will air for five hours on weekdays and will be syndicated via Superadio. Cooper’s new show promises to bring a fresh and creative twist to keep listeners engaged.

With stations already airing the show in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the U.K., fans can look forward to getting their fix of Cooper’s entertaining and unique radio presence once more.

Alice Cooper Relaunches Radio Show Alice’s Attic

Alice Cooper, the legendary rock and roll Hall of Famer, is making a comeback on the airwaves with the relaunch of his radio show, now called “Alice’s Attic.” This exciting news comes with a new syndication partner, Superadio, and promises a fresh take on the classic rock format.

What is the new name of Alice Cooper’s radio show?

Alice Cooper’s radio show is now called “Alice’s Attic.” This new name reflects the show’s focus on uncovering hidden gems and bringing them to listeners from the depths of Cooper’s personal music collection.

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Who is Alice Cooper working with for the relaunched show?

For the relaunched show, Alice Cooper is collaborating with the same creative team that made his previous show, “Nights With Alice Cooper,” a beloved hit. This team is responsible for curating a mix of classic rock, obscure tracks, and what Cooper calls “future classics.” They will also provide insightful commentary and stories about the music and the artists featured on the show.

What can listeners expect from the new program?

Listeners can expect a curated mix of classic and lesser-known rock songs on “Alice’s Attic.” Cooper’s unique taste in music and his passion for the genre shine through as he hand-picks the tracks for each episode. Apart from the music, Cooper will share his stories and provide commentary, giving listeners an inside look at the world of rock and roll.

When will the new shows air?

The new shows of “Alice’s Attic” will air for five hours every Monday through Thursday. Additionally, reconfigured shows will be broadcast on the weekends. This schedule ensures that fans of Cooper’s radio show will have plenty of opportunities to tune in and enjoy the music and stories he has to offer.

Where is the show currently airing?

Currently, “Alice’s Attic” is being aired by local radio stations across the United States and Australia. These stations recognized the value of Cooper’s radio show and eagerly signed on to broadcast it to their audiences. The show has already gained a substantial following in these regions, and fans are excited to have Cooper back on the airwaves.

Where are additional stations expected to sign on?

In addition to the current stations airing “Alice’s Attic,” there are expectations that more stations in Canada and the U.K. will soon sign on to broadcast the show. The worldwide appeal of Alice Cooper’s music and his decades-long influence in the rock and roll scene make it highly likely that more radio stations will jump on board to bring his show to their listeners.

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What did Alice Cooper say about the new show?

Alice Cooper expressed his enthusiasm for the relaunch of his radio show by saying, “To all of my insane radio minions, I’m BACK. And if you thought 20 years of ‘Nights With Alice Cooper’ was weird, just wait until you get into ‘Alice’s Attic’!” Cooper’s quirky sense of humor and his passion for sharing great music with his fans shines through in his message.

Why did the previous show, ‘Nights With Alice Cooper’, come to an end?

The previous show, “Nights With Alice Cooper,” came to an end due to the sale of United Stations Radio Network to GeminiXIII, with new management planning to take the programming in a different direction. This change in management’s approach led to the decision to end the popular program, but it did not signal Alice Cooper’s retirement from the radio.

Where can listeners find Cooper’s latest album?

Fans of Alice Cooper can find his latest album, “Road,” on earMUSIC. This album, his 29th, showcases Cooper’s unique style and showcases his decades of experience in the rock and roll industry. With a combination of new tracks and the timeless sound that fans have come to love, “Road” is a must-listen for any Alice Cooper fan.

In conclusion, Alice Cooper’s relaunch of his radio show “Alice’s Attic” marks an exciting new chapter for fans of classic rock. With his eclectic taste in music, entertaining stories, and humorous commentary, Cooper brings a fresh perspective to the airwaves. Listeners can look forward to an engaging listening experience as they dive into the depths of Cooper’s music collection in the “attic” of his radio show.

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