ABC Radio Sydney Hits 100 Year Milestone Today



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ABC Radio Sydney Hits 100 Year Milestone Today

Celebrate the momentous milestone of ABC Radio Sydney as it reaches its incredible 100-year anniversary.

From its humble beginnings as 2SB in 1923 to its current iteration as ABC Radio Sydney, this iconic public radio station has been a staple in the lives of many listeners.

To commemorate this occasion, a special showcase display has been curated at the NSW State Library, featuring memorabilia from the station’s rich history.

Tune in to commemorate this remarkable achievement with Sarah Macdonald broadcasting live and a special 2-hour program hosted by Rod Quinn. It’s a celebration you won’t want to miss!

ABC Radio Sydney Hits 100 Year Milestone Today

Historical Background

ABC Radio Sydney, formerly known as 2SB, celebrates its 100th anniversary today. The station was first established on November 23, 1923, under the name Sydney Broadcasters Limited (2SB). It later underwent a rebranding and became known as 2BL. In the year 2000, the station changed its frequency to 702 and underwent yet another rebranding, this time as ABC Radio Sydney in 2017. Throughout its century-long history, ABC Radio Sydney has been a prominent voice in the Australian broadcasting landscape.

Celebration Events

To mark this momentous occasion, ABC Radio Sydney has planned a series of celebration events. One of the highlights is a live broadcast by Sarah Macdonald. Sarah will be hosting her morning show live from the NSW State Library, where a special showcase display has been curated to commemorate the station’s 100-year history. Listeners will have the opportunity to learn about the station’s rich heritage and see firsthand some of the memorabilia from the last century.

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ABC Radio Sydney Hits 100 Year Milestone Today

Farewell to Pips

As part of the day’s festivities, ABC Radio Sydney will bid farewell to its iconic pips. The pips, which have signaled the top of the hour for decades, will be heard for the final time at 7pm. This symbolic moment signifies the end of an era and allows the station to reflect on the changes that have occurred over the past century.

Special Program

Following the farewell to the pips, Rod Quinn will host a special 2-hour program at 8pm. During this program, Rod will take listeners on a journey through the history of ABC Radio Sydney. He will explore the station’s milestones, iconic moments, and share stories that have shaped its identity. It will be a nostalgic and informative program that showcases the vibrancy and resilience of the station.

ABC Radio Sydney Hits 100 Year Milestone Today

Commemorative T-Shirt

As a way to involve listeners in the centennial celebrations, ABC Radio Sydney invited design submissions for a commemorative T-shirt.

Listeners were encouraged to submit their designs, and the winning design was chosen by Sarah Macdonald. The T-shirt, featuring Sarah’s design, is now available for purchase, with proceeds going to Vinnies, a charity dedicated to helping people in need.

Display at NSW State Library

From November 23 to January 28, 2024, the NSW State Library will host a special display showcasing the history of ABC Radio Sydney.

The display will feature notable artifacts, including the first-ever broadcast license, the program for the station’s first classical concert broadcast in 1929, and a collection of photos and memorabilia. This display provides an opportunity for the public to engage with the station’s history and gain a deeper understanding of its evolution over the past century.

First Ever Broadcast License

The first-ever broadcast license of ABC Radio Sydney holds immense historical significance. It represents the pioneering spirit of the station and its role in shaping the Australian broadcasting landscape. The license, which will be on display at the NSW State Library, is a tangible reminder of the station’s humble beginnings and the determination of its founders to bring quality radio programming to the people of Sydney.

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Program for First Classical Concert Broadcast

In 1929, ABC Radio Sydney made history with its first classical concert broadcast. The program for this groundbreaking event will be on display at the NSW State Library. This concert played a significant role in expanding the station’s repertoire and engaging with a wider audience. It marked a turning point in the station’s programming and demonstrated its commitment to cultural enrichment.

Other Photos and Memorabilia

The display at the NSW State Library will also consist of a collection of other photos and memorabilia that highlight the station’s journey over the past century. These items serve as a visual chronicle of ABC Radio Sydney’s growth, capturing important moments, personalities, and milestones. They provide a unique insight into the station’s evolution and serve as a reminder of its enduring legacy.

In conclusion, the 100-year milestone of ABC Radio Sydney is a momentous occasion worth celebrating. The station’s rich history, vibrant programming, and commitment to serving its audience make it a beloved institution in the Australian broadcasting landscape.

The celebration events, showcase display, and commemorative T-shirt all contribute to an atmosphere of joy and reflection as the station looks back on its achievements and looks forward to a future filled with continued success.

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